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Happiness is like a light with a switch button it can seen be found with our eyes closed and turned on at the darkest hour. Try it.



You are a dreamer that craves change. You are the beacon of light in an ever grey and boring world, hopeful to make a difference by making a difference to yourself. You are brave enough to take steps towards making a positive change, but lack that bit of wisdom or inspirational drive to take full control. Welcome to the dome of Change. Applaud yourself for the bold step to making this change.  With the leadership of life guru Resk Que, your life will be transformed or inspired the least. The following topics and subject matters are not limited to the specialties that are covered in various live speaking events or one on one sessions.  Please explore below and pick a topic and city most closest to you.


  • How to make your mate happy
  • You Must Be a Fool to Fall in Love
  • Why Men Do What They Do
  • Why people cheat
  • How to Keep a Man’s Interest
  • Loving without Boundaries
  • Making a Relationship Work
  • Why You Are Still Single


  • Trend setting & Styling
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Behind the Scenes of the Fashion Industry
  • Starting your Fashion Business
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Week/Show Production
  • Emerging Designers: Finding Your Resources
  • Styling as a Business
  • Becoming a Fashion Designer
  • Dress to be Yourself
  • Are Still Single
  • Standing Apart in the Crowd
  • Fashion in Milan


  • Impossibilities to Possibilities
  • How to Believe
  • Why Talent is not enough to succeed
  • Empowering the Youth
  • How to be Yourself living in a World of Conformity
  • Minding gold: The Power of Your Thoughts
  • Why We Are Where We Are Today
  • Swaggerism: My Religion (upcoming book)
  • Dealing with the Fears of Life
  • Having Everything You Want
  • The Myth about Freedom
  • How to Flourish and Bloom in Life
  • Empowering the Minds
  • Motivating the mind
  • Hustling: Living by Any Means
  • The American Day Dreamers
  • Acquiring Confidence
  • ANY “GOOD” without “GOD” is “O”… = Zero
  • Just Do It; You Don’t Need to Know How
  • Dealing with Life Challenges
  • Understanding of “the Self”: Conversing with ME, Myself & I…
  • FAITH: a Must, if you are going to succeed in your life
  • Creativity from Power of Communication
  • How to change the world
  • Understanding Different People from Different Planets
  • Decisions to Be Happy
  • Reaching Heights
  • Changing Your Position in Life…
  • Why You Are The Problem
  • Giving is Receiving
  • Helping you from where you are to where you want to be


  • Concept Development
  • Succeeding in business you must understand people. Learn the  PPS principle : Philosophy, Psychology and Strategy
  • Taking a Concept to Completion
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Expert
  • Starting a Business
  • Building Your Brand
  • Tips for Young Professionals
  • Succeed by AMP [Any Means Possible]
  • The Power of Social Media
  • Getting an Undivided Attention
  • Persistence and Success
  • School Life that Leads to Success
  • Starting Your Business While In School
  • The 7 most powerful “P” words that guarantees your success
  • How to Network to Net Worth
  • Goal Setting
  • Event Planning & Production
  • Finding the Perfect Internship
  • Landing Your Dream job
  • Finding your Passion
  • The Secrets Behind Public Relations
  • Conflict Resolution