I love the creation. I would be just as passionate being involved in a construction or architecture project. That feeling you get when you build something and take a step back to absorb it all in, that is what I love the most in life.

Redeemer Resk ‘Que is a name that means many things. To answer what is likely to be your first question, yes, it is his given birth name. It stands as a beacon in the fashion world, a monolith in the corporate world and a shining example for the entrepreneurial world. Those closest to him affectionately call him: Resk ‘Que! His name has become the epitome of hard work and a perfect showcase of chasing the American Dream. He has selflessly devoted his blood, sweat, and tears to construct a universally lauded brand and built a multi-million dollar business, laboring many years to achieve everything based one prime directive: being wholly unique. His style and personality are something out of this world, and perhaps even out of this universe. Internationally renowned for a wide breadth of fields, his array of skills and talents are one of the hottest commodities around.

As a seed of Africa and America, he takes great pride in his ancestry of the Anlo Ewe, a group of people residing in the southern portions of Togo, Benin, Nigeria and Ghana of West Africa. It is through his start in Africa that molded who he would later become. While his lineage is that of royalty, he and his family are no strangers to working their way up the business ladder. His Mother and Grandmother were entrepreneurs in their own right, running several businesses, and both of his parents were also high ranking ministers of a reformed non-denominational church.

Resk ‘Que started his first successful business venture in Africa; at the tender age of 7 with a big sunrise of a smile on his sleeve and armed with a unique fashion style, he was an absolute natural. Resk ‘Que would sell the entire stock of ice water his Grandmother supplied every single time without fail. He believes in a phrase his people of the Anlo created: “people do not live with the king, it is the king who lives with the people.” Or: that those with power should act with those that helped get him there in mind.

Later, in his formative teenage years, Resk ‘Que relocated to New York City with the support of his family in search of the American Dream. He always knew he had a passion for business and held a deep rooted love for helping people. His first large leaps toward his current rock star status of guru took place whilst he was in College, where he notoriously became the editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper before meteorically ascending into power as student body president. Never one to perfect and excel in only a single enterprise, Resk ‘Que was also deeply invested in numerous other extra-curricular activities, leading him to become very well-rounded and in turn well-known to his peers on campus. Like a master sculptor shaping his masterpiece, these collective experiences are what has molded his exceptional outlook and business style. Every line a masterclass in business ingenuity.

Not merely limiting his talents to the fashion industry, Resk ‘Que is also highly lauded as a marketing genius and one of the fastest rising branding moguls in the lifestyle industry. He holds the titles of chairman and chief executive conceptualizer for AMZKR GLOBAL, a parent and holding company of a corporate entity that is just as unique as the man, iConcept Media Group. At iConcept Media, Resk ‘Que showcases his genius and business acumen by investing his time and energy in nurturing talents through one of a kind strategic marketing, advertising and lifestyle brand promotion. His business model is to take his one-of-a-kind philosophy and style, and perfectly meld them with his personal style of marketing, which has led to a multitude of companies scrambling for the opportunity to see him work magic for their brand. With a bold and powerful statement of “your impossibilities are our possibilities”, one can only imagine what kind of heights he can attain.

As humble as he is by his upbringing, Resk ‘Que is a man other business magnates love to hate. He is a self-styled MAVERICK in every sense of the word; his presence would astound and leave you in awe. This serial entrepreneur has his eyes set on one, ever raising bar; and that is flipping the status quo directly onto its head at every opportunity. One of the hottest emerging business leaders in an ever-expanding set of business ventures, he has co-opted the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” to the far more appropriate: “Resk-of-all-trades, master of ALL”. Simultaneously, while somehow managing to find time for all his business ventures, he still has time to devote as a pioneer and supporter to many charitable organizations, all in the pursuit of making our global community a better place.

Based on all of this, you might find yourself thinking that Redeemer Resk ‘Que was simply born perfectly, but he will be the first to tell you otherwise; while some of the things he does happen to come naturally, such as fashion and marketing, he is a firm believer in self-education, he has worked hard to get where he is. His business mind was honed through the first-hand experience, but his degrees are in fields that may just surprise you. His early education was in business and accounting. He then ventured out to study music, which he believes is the basis of life and life is the basis of music, and he has aspirations towards obtaining a doctorate in Philosophical Theology, a field that Resk ‘Que believes helps develop a global understanding and cooperation. As you can see, he is a believer in learning something new every single day, while becoming a better person along the way.

Apart from his other roles as an investor for start-ups and developing companies in third world countries as well as being the front-running marketing savant, some of his more personal current charitable ventures deal with building a better tomorrow. Chief among these are CAAFD and the RESCUE PROJECT. The CAAFD (which stands for Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers) seeks to reinvigorate the fashion industry by supporting and nurturing aspiring designers that aim to do business in America while also advocating for the rights of these artists. The Rescue Project is an initiative that aims to raise money to, as you guessed it by the name, rescue people in need across the world. Resk ‘Que is anything but idle, as evidenced by all of these.

While you may think there is nothing more he can handle, Resk ‘Que is sure to surprise you. He has made his first foray into the book realm, having his fans and admirers anticipating the release of his new book “Swaggerism, My Religion” – An inspirational book dealing with how to find, refine and define yourself as an individual in this world of conformity. Resk ‘Que has a thought-provoking inquiry, a trademarked never-ending question he inserts at the conclusion of anything he says, writes or does: “What’s your concept?” What does that mean, you may be asking? That is different for everyone, but if you evaluate it, you will find your individual answer, and you may just be a better person for it. One would wonder what’s next on his agenda, but one thing is for sure: it will be something never before seen.