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Stop trying to hang on to things forever. Enjoy the moment of whatever it may be, it may actually last longer that way, but even if it doesn’t, it’s a moment Cherished, added to the reservoir of memories… Even what we call LIFE is not forever… Time is ticking! Enjoy the present, it’s a gift. The process of unwrapping it should be thrilling!

- Resk 'Que

A king at heart with an artist’s mind, Resk ‘Que knows firsthand the importance of the arts. Many of his projects and ventures deal with expanding the arts in our youth as well as the young at heart, as a mind that constantly learns is a mind that constantly expands. He knows that through the ASP/RE Festival that he can inspire people to take the arts more seriously.

Resk ‘Que’s love for the arts knows no bounds. After a long day of work he unwinds with his love of painting and music, but his passion goes deeper than just a hobby, his love of the arts bleeds into his creative decisions as well. Armed with a music education background, Resk ‘Que finds the harmony in the business world, and empowers other artists to accomplish what their destiny has in store.