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LIVE in the MOMENT at all times. ENJOY the PRESENT. It’s a GIFT. Never let your PAST ROB you of this present. Don’t you worry about the FUTURE, it too will leave you wondering. In doing so you will never regret the MOMENTS of the PRESENT. You will have MEMORIES to keep you young in your dull moments and in your OLD AGE.

- Resk 'Que

The child of two preachers, Resk ‘Que has been around religion and spirituality all his life. The depth of understanding and life experiences he gained exalted him as the guru he has become, and led him to utilizing the same maverick drive he uses in the business world in the religion world, spurning him into creating a branded lifestyle, a movement and a religion: Swaggerism.

Swaggerism, like Buddhism, isn’t about the worship of a higher power, it is about living the right way, caring for others and living with understanding. As a Swaggerist, he states :  “There is no GOD, UNLESS you believe in HUMANITY. You can’t worship the God you don’t see unless you serve humanity wholeheartedly. In so doing, your God is pleased you love his masterpiece.”