You attract what you feel. If you feel happy you will attract more of that. If you feel sad, you will attract more of it. If you’re feeling prosperous, you become it. It’s all about how you feel, but you must feel it in your bones.

The Philanthropist

Humbled by his hardworking upbringing in Africa, Redeemer Resk ‘Que knows the importance of giving a helping hand, and strives to accomplish that lofty goal anyway he can. “Love of Humanity” can at times be a difficult goal, but Resk ‘Que believes that change starts with one, and does everything in his power to show that to the world.

With the countless number of philanthropic projects that Resk ‘Que undertakes, his ultimate white hot passion is expanding THE RESCUE PROJECT, an organization focused on a global well-being of humanity. The Rescue Project is a non-profit organization aimed at providing clean water and sanitation for 700 million individuals worldwide by raising $70 million. With a genuine passion for the health and well-being of those deprived of necessities that would otherwise result in their demise, The Rescue Project uses its pillars of pure altruism and dedication to increase safe water and ensure healthy eyesight by the year 2020. Conveniently titled: “The 2020 Vision Campaign,” The Rescue Project believes that access to something as simple as water could change the lives of millions. The organization, backed by and named after Redeemer Resk ‘Que, is targeted towards Sub-Saharan African countries, but upholds an objective to advocate for healthy drinking water in Asia, East Europe, Latin America, and in countless other areas all around the globe. The vision is simple and straight to the point; To provide life’s basic essential. The vision to see, the thirst for water.